Identity Theft

Fraud and Identity Theft affects all of us.

Credit and debit card fraud costs consumers around the world a staggering $5.5 billion a year.1 Fortunately, we all have within ourselves the power to fight it. 

It takes a network of thieves to make fraud work. So let’s build a stronger network of families, friends, college kids and grandparents – and use the power of relationships to shine a light on fraud.

Educate. Alert. Take Action. Tell Your Friends.

Tip 1

Tip 1 - Avoid travel hassles!

Notify MidSouth Bank of any out-of-state travel prior to leaving. 


Tip 2
Tip 2 - Watch out for phone scams (vishing)! 

NEVER provide personal info via phone unless it’s to a trusted source.


Tip 3Tip 3 - No phishing allowed! 

NEVER click on (or provide financial information to) unfamiliar or unusual emails or links. 


Tip 4Tip 4 - Beware fraudster texts! 

AKA smishing. NEVER call or respond to an unfamiliar text.


Tip 5Tip 5 - Monitor your accounts! 

Check your account history 3 – 4 times a week, watching for suspicious or unrecognized transactions.


ALWAYS report any suspicious communication or transactions to MidSouth Bank by calling, 1-800-213-BANK (2265).

Please remember, we will NEVER ask for specific information about you or your accounts via phone call, text or email. If you are uncertain about any calls or messages you receive, do not give out your personal information, please contact MidSouth Bank.


Where can I go for more information about cybersecurity and what it takes to ensure that my computer and personal information is better protected?


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