Introducing new and improved online account opening... iOpen!

Now you can open a new account at MidSouth Bank anytime, anywhere!

What is iOpen?

It's a new and improved account opening

application that walks you through the entire

process of openingand funding a new

MidSouth account fromstart to finish.

AND You'll have 24/7 access viaonline or

mobile browser.

What makes it so special?

It allows you to select, open and fund your

new MidSouth account all without stepping

foot in a Banking Center.

What accounts can iOpen?

You can use iOpen for Personal Checking

and Savings, plus Money Market accounts.

These accounts can be funded by using

ACH, credit card, debit card, or you can also

use your current MidSouth account if you are

already an existing customer.

To give this new signature service a try today CLICK HERE!