Health Savings Accounts


Help pay for any qualified medical expense with a tax-sheltered savings account!

HSAs are designed for people who have a qualified high deductible health insurance plan and are not covered by other options that can help cover qualified healthcare expenses.

Make contributions and earn interest tax free.

Your distributions are also tax free as long as they’re used for qualified medical expenses.

Find out how much you can contribute – tax free!

Why You Should Consider an HSA:


Flexibility. You can use your HSA to help you pay for any qualified expense – from health insurance deductibles and co-payments to certain over-the-counter medications and out-of-pocket expenses.
Ownership. Your employer doesn’t own your HSA, you do. So if you change jobs it will still be with you. In addition, your balance rolls over from year to year, so what you don’t spend, you keep.


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*Consult your tax adviser as tax situations vary by person.