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Giving Mission 

MidSouth Bank works to offer relevant and meaningful support with its corporate giving, focusing on specific initiatives and organizations that will enhance the bank's reputation as a responsible corporate citizen with employees, customers, business partners, shareholders and - principally - the communities we serve. 

Our Giving Mission Requires: 


  • partnerships with organizations that align with our values 
  • alliances with initiatives that benefit community and economic development especially in the energy production and distribution services and support industries 
  • outcomes that benefit the MidSouth Bank brand 
  • recognition by partners and recipients in mutually agreed venues 


As part of our assessment of a donation request, we require the initiative to have a positive impact on our employees, our customers, our business partners, our shareholders and our communities. 

Specifically, we value the education and experience young people receive from participation in organized sports. We want to help students translate those values and skills into something they can utilize in their careers to create a quality workforce and become future leaders of our communities. 

To do that, our Giving Mission includes: 


  • initiatives that foster leadership and career development for high school and college student athletes 
  • supporting the growth and health of industries that fuel our local economies 
  • volunteerism and hands-on community service where our employees and customers live and work 
  • aligning outreach with the priorities of our customers and potential customers 
  • initiatives that promote community development and provide for affordable housing 
  • programs to develop financial literacy and money management skills 


While we view charitable giving as a responsibility, our Giving Mission excludes donation requests that do not align with our mission, including: 


  • initiatives or programs that benefit specific individuals 
  • political candidates, lobbying or political activities 
  • building or renovation projects 
  • general operating expenses 
  • faith-based initiatives




(Note: CRA programs that promote financial literacy, serve to develop money management skills, or provide affordable housing solutions are an exception to our building/renovation and faith-based initiatives exclusions.) 


Request for Donations

If you think your organization's need aligns with the MidSouth Bank Giving Mission and would like to request a donation please fill out and submit the giving request form below. 

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Authorization: The undersigned certifies that (s)he is authorized to represent the organization applying for a contribution and that the information contained in this application is accurate. The undersigned also certifies that (s)he has read the MidSouth Bank Giving Mission and understands that processing this application helps MidSouth Bank better understand your request and does not create any promise of financial support or other assistance. Only those organizations with programs that match our mission and goals will be contacted.

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