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If ACH Origination (direct deposit/debit) and/or Wire Transfer functions are desired, please complete the ACH and/or Wire Transfer Agreement. Select Yes or No for each item below. If Yes, indicate applicable limit.

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Signers and Acceptance

Online Banking Disclosure
You are requesting an electronic service from MidSouth Bank, N.A. for your personal, family or household purposes. MidSouth Bank is seeking your consent to deliver notices and disclosures to you electronically by posting online, via notification email with a link to the electronic document, or via secure message notification with link. Before you consent to this form of delivery, here are a few important points:
• To obtain electronic notices and disclosures, you need access to a computer with internet access and a web browser (such as Microsoft Internet access and a web browser (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, or equivalent) and a personal e-mail address.
• Your consent below applies only to notices and disclosures concerning services offered by MidSouth Bank through Online Banking.
• To change your electronic contact information, simply update your information through Online Banking, click the options tab and modify your personal settings – note (this does not apply to Business Accounts) Business Accounts need to contact the Electronic Banking Department at MidSouth Bank locally @ 337-237-8343 or 1-800-213-BANK.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
By clicking the checkbox 1) I/we acknowledge that an agreement for MIDSOUTH BANK’S business online banking service (“MSBOnline Cash Management”) will be sent to me if my application is accepted. I agree that my use of the MSBOnline Cash Management will confirm that I have received and reviewed this Agreement, and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions stated therein, which the Bank may amend from time to time; 2) I / we understand that the Customer ID and/ or PIN (“the Code”) can be used to debit funds from the designated and described accounts on this application and that this Code must be safeguarded. I / we authorize MIDSOUTH BANK and its agents to follow any instructions transmitted by use of the Code, and I / we agree to be bound thereby; 3) I / we authorize MIDSOUTH BANK to disclose any information about my / our checking account to third parties (including Payees) in order to complete transactions associated with MSBOnline Cash Management, and for any other purpose indicated in the Agreement. I / we also authorize my Payees to disclose to MIDSOUTH BANK and its agents regarding my account(s) with such Payees in order to complete transactions using these MSBOnline Cash Management; 4) I / we authorize MIDSOUTH BANK and its agents to debit/credit my / our designated business checking account(s) for all payments and / or fees associated with this service.

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