Switch Kit



Thank you for choosing MidSouth Bank as your new Community Bank. Moving your accounts to MidSouth Bank has never been easier. Our online Switch Kit will allow you to create and print the forms you need to easily transfer your funds and automatic transactions from your previous accounts to your new MidSouth Bank account. Once your MidSouth Bank account has been open, simply follow the steps below and fill out each form you need from the Switch Kit and send them to the appropriate parties.


  1. Open a new MidSouth Bank checking account.
         Once your checking account is open, please remember do not write any more checks on your old      account to avoid bounced check fees from your previous institution.

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2.   Add your direct deposit to your new MidSouth checking account.
     To make sure you donít have a gap in your payroll or other direct deposits, simply complete the                 Direct Deposit Authorization.

     For Social Security direct deposit, please call the Social Security Administration directly at
     1-800-772-1213. Be sure to have your new MidSouth Bank account information with you when you


3.   Remember to update your automatic payments with your new MidSouth
     checking account.

       To change any automatic payments from your old account to your new MidSouth Bank checking             account please fill out the Authorization to Change Automatic Payments form.


4.   Close your old account.
      Simply complete the Request to Close an Account form and send it to your old bank once:

             - All the checks and other payments you authorized have been paid from your old account;
             - All direct deposits are being made to your new MidSouth Bank account; and
             - All automatic payments are being made from your MidSouth Bank account

The Switch Kit Checklist will help you keep track of the items you need to update before closing your old account. Please be sure to contact any payees to confirm that they have received the letter before closing your previous accounts permanently. If you wish to print the entire Switch Kit our please Click Here.

For help with on you Switch Kit call our customer care center at 337-237-8343 or 800-213-2265, or Click Here to find a banking center near you and stop by for help.