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Agent Premium Finance Loan Inquiry
Insurance Agents only - click here to access the insurance premium financing inquiry.

Bank@Work is a program that provides your employees with convenient and cost-effective banking services.

Business Loans
Attorney-Client Line of Credit - Commercial - Credit Card - Equipment Leasing - Real Estate - SBA

CAMS iView
To access CAMS clients online services Click Here

MSB Check Re-Orders
Need to re-order checks? Click Here to start your order process.

Commercial Services
Choose from our different account options designed to meet your growing needs

Corporate Services Receivables (collections)
ACH - Receivables collection
CASHFLOW Manager - Receivable Financing and Billing Service

Customer Premium Finance Loan Inquiry
Customers only - click here to access the insurance premium financing inquiry.

Equipment Leasing
See if your business can benefit from our equipment leasing service. Answer these quick questions

Health Savings Accounts (HSA's)
By establishing a Health Savings Account (HSA) - in conjunction with a high-deductible insurance health plan - you're taking healthcare savings back into your own hands. To open your HSA contact us by email to MidSouth or by phone at (337)237-8343 in Lafayette or (800)213-BANK (2265) outside Lafayette.


  • Certificates of Deposit
  • Financial Planning
  • Money Market Mutual Funds
  • Retirement Planning
  • Repurchase agreements
  • U.S. Treasury Bills

Merchant Services
Learn about our easy and affordable merchant processing programs to meet today’s consumer demands.

Merchant Service Client View
Click Here to gain access to your statements. Call 1-800-466-8066 if you have issues with your login or questions concerning your account.

MSB Visa Card
Click here to get information on your current MidSouth credit card account, including:

  • Account Balance
  • Available Credit
  • Amount and Date of Last Payment
  • Minimum Payment Amount and Due Date
  • Last Statement Date
  • Cash Advance Limit
  • Transactions Posted Since Last Statement

ACH - Direct Deposit of Payroll

TouchTone Banking
or (800)452-2267

VISA Business ScoreCard® Rewards Program
Use your VISA Business Card and earn reward points for qualifying purchases at millions of locations worldwide. Click Here to enroll in the ScoreCard® Rewards Program or for more information.