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Business Banking

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Online access to all of your MidSouth checking, savings and loan accounts. View balance information, check images, transfer funds, and much more.


Checking / Savings Accounts

  • Simple Business Checking Designed for businesses that value an economical and convenient checking option.
  • Advantage Business Checking Designed for businesses that value relationship banking with added check writing abilities.
  • Emerald Analysis Checking Designed for businesses that require more complex deposit services.
  • Business NOW Checking Designed for businesses that have sole proprietorship or are a non-profit organization or government entity who want to earn interest.
  • Commercial Money Market Designed for businesses that desire a higher rate of return on excess liquidity.
  • Business Savings Designed for businesses that want to earn interest on excess liquidity while enjoying easy access.

Business Loans

  • Accounts Receivable Financing (A/R Access) is a system for better management of your accounts receivable and cash flow. MidSouth purchases your existing receivables on a discounted basis and takes over your responsibility for accepting customer payments.


  • Litigation Financing is line of credit for personal injury attorneys and law firms.  Using this Master Line of Credit, individual attorney/client loans can be established for the law firm's plaintiff clients. Uses: Medical expenses; deposition costs; personal expenses etc.


  • Business Installment Loan is generally used for larger one-time expenses. It's fully amortized and your monthly payments can be fixed to help you manage your cash flow. Uses: Fixed-asset financing; commercial vehicles; permanent working capital; expansion; debt restructure.


  • Business Leasing lets you acquire needed equipment while conserving operating capital and minimizing taxes. You have the freedom to select the equipment, supplier, options and purchase price and MidSouth handles the financial details. Uses: Commercial or Industrial equipment.


  • Commercial Term Loan provides your business with access to long-term financing, and offers flexible terms to match your current and future cash flows. Uses: Commercial real estate acquisition, construction or refinancing; capital equipment and fixed-asset expansion; or new business acquisition.


  • Insurance Premium Financing is a loan program that enables business owners and/or insurance agents the ability to finance annual insurance premiums and spread payments over a 10 month period. This allows you to better manage your cash flow by retaining your cash in your business. Uses: Liability; umbrella; workers' compensation; commercial property; commercial auto, etc.


  • Line of Credit is a convenient check accessible revolving line of credit that can provide overdraft protection on business transaction accounts. Ideal for clients who have short term borrowing requirements or who need funds for traditional working capital. Uses: meeting short-term cash needs; seasonal inventory; the purchase of small equipment.


  • Small Business Administration Loan offers you flexible loan terms such as longer repayment terms or higher loan-to-value ratios. Uses: Working capital; accounts receivable; inventory or fixed-asset purchases, including owner occupied commercial real estate.


  • Visa Business Credit Card lets you separate your everyday business expenses from your personal purchases. Plus, you can set up separate cards for multiple people in your company and track each one individually. Uses: Travel expenses; office supplies; small equipment.


  • Visa Business Credit Card Rewards ScoreCard Rewards allows you to earn points on everyday purchases and redeem them online for merchandise and travel rewards. Click here to sign up and start earning points today.

Cash Management Services

Good Cash Management allows you to reduce your overhead costs and give your employees easier access to their paychecks. We offer the latest in cash management technology with multiple user & access levels, direct deposit payroll, wire transfers, EFTPS tax payments, download account history, and direct debit.


  • Direct Deposit allows easier access to paychecks without the hassle of standing in bank lines
  • MSBOnline Banking allows funds to be transferred from one MidSouth account to another, view statement history, get real-time balance information, view check images, and even enroll online.
  • Bill Pay (Advantage Business Only) allows you to pay practically any bill, view payment history, set up recurring payments, and download history.

To contact us for more information on our Cash Management products Click Here

Business Check Card

Upgrade your business tools with the card that works like a check - only better! The CHECKcard is accepted wherever the VISA sign is displayed, and at designated ATM locations.

  • Funds are deducted from your checking account
  • All business types are eligible
  • Public Funds, Financial Institutions, or Accounts requiring multiple signers are NOT eligible




Miscellaneous Services

  • Merchant Card Processing Services allows you to improve availability, increase security and broaden your delivery opportunities.
  • Touch Tone Banking is a telephone service that gives you 24-hour a day direct access to all of your MidSouth account information. (No monthly fee with unlimited access.)
  • Lockbox allows you to streamline your collection procedures by using MidSouth Bank's secure lockbox service. Your receivable payments are collected at a secure Post Office Box daily. Funds are deposited into your checking account immediately upon collection.


Learn about our Business Services

Bank@Work is a program that provides your employees with convenient and cost-effective banking services.

Agent Premium Finance Loan Inquiry
Insurance Agents only - click here to access the insurance premium financing inquiry.

Customer Premium Finance Loan Inquiry
Customers only - click here to access the insurance premium financing inquiry.

Equipment Leasing
See if your business can benefit from our equipment leasing service. Answer these quick questions

Commercial Services
Choose from our different account options designed to meet your growing needs

Merchant Services
Learn about our easy and affordable merchant processing programs to meet today’s consumer demands.

MSB Visa
Click here to get information on your current MidSouth credit card account, including:

  • Account Balance
  • Available Credit
  • Amount and Date of Last Payment
  • Minimum Payment Amount and Due Date
  • Last Statement Date
  • Cash Advance Limit
  • Transactions Posted Since Last Statement

Health Savings Accounts (HSA's)
By establishing a Health Savings Account (HSA) - in conjunction with a high-deductible insurance health plan - you're taking healthcare savings back into your own hands. To open your HSA contact us by email to MidSouth or by phone at (337)237-8343 in Lafayette or (800)213-BANK (2265) outside Lafayette.