Our Story


The History and Values of MidSouth Bank 

The best of both worlds. It’s what few – if any – banks can say they offer. But it is what MidSouth Bank embodies: high-touch service from friendly faces, many who have been associated with the bank for decades, along with all of the tools necessary to help you achieve your financial dreams - whether personal or business. 

We want you to expect a lot of us, because we expect a lot of ourselves. Our philosophy is simple: We stick to the ethical principles of responsible banking. And that’s why you can always trust us.



Opening “The Hut” 
First Louisiana Hut MidSouth Bank location in Lafayette

In 1985 we opened our doors on Pinhook Road in Lafayette, Louisiana. This location, affectionately known as “The Hut,” had no drive-through teller windows and no teller counters inside. All business was conducted at a desk, with the entire operation run out of this 3,000-square-foot facility. 



It could be argued that our timing was off. The oil and gas industry, the region’s primary economic driver, collapsed in the mid-1980s, sending the unemployment rate to 22 percent. Companies, among them many banks, were going out of business. Not a day went by that an employee wouldn’t ask management: “Are we going to make it?” 

We made it. Just two years after our founding, MidSouth Bank was well capitalized enough to acquire one of those failing banks. The comment from one employee of the acquired bank, upon seeing “The Hut” for the first time: “You mean y’all bought us?


Responsible Banking 

Understanding our Customers 

As a community bank, we have always played by the rules and regulations set forth to safeguard our customers, the industry and the economy. MidSouth Bank was built on a basic fundamental: We make it our business to understand our customers’ business. To do that, we attract and retain high quality employees. Strategically integrating the talents of existing staff with the diverse experience of new hires helps us stay close to our customers while exploring ways to realign our products and services based on current and potential customers’ priorities. 

The vision of MidSouth Bank is to exceed the expectations of every customer, every day, by providing high-quality service. MidSouth Bank will be the strong, growing bank of choice in all our communities.



Fast forward six short years and MidSouth Bank becomes one of the smallest banks ever to go public. At the end of 2010, we close our books with $1 billion in assets. Again strong enough and keen enough to recognize opportunities exist in an economic downturn, we complete several mergers during the Great Recession, earning recognition from a NYSE executive as “one of the fastest growing community banks in the South.” 

Approaching over $2 billion in assets, locations across Louisiana and Texas, and a strong stock trading on the NYSE (MSL), we remain focused and determined in our mission.


Mission, Vision & Guiding Principles

Our Mission:

To create unmatched customer and employee experiences, develop innovative and useful products, exercise prudent banking principles, and drive shareholder value.

Our Vision:

To be the trusted bank of choice in our communities. 

Guiding Principles:
    • Excellence: Challenge yourself and others.
    • Focus: Work with urgency toward impactful outcomes.
    • Collaboration: Respectful teamwork produces results.
    • Integrity: Be honest and trustworthy. Mitigate risk.
    • Ownership: Take initiative and hold yourself accountable. 

MidSouth Bank Loan Officers/NMLS ID#

(Updated August 2019)

Farrokh Abdolhamidi 671646
Linda Atkinson 809920
Tiffani Babineaux 895935
Taylor Barber 1780655
Bart Bartels 1535730
Mary Blalock 674533
Jo Ann Blanchard 683486
Vickie Boutte 660944
Ellen Bordelon 702881
Dena Breaux 1194036
Jamie Broussard 671657
Stephanie Broussard 1541168
Stephen Broussard 1805655
Grisel Burgess 1645667
Ashley Burleigh 1784895
Amber Bushnell 660738
Hattie Castro 1638650
Debra Clark 671660
Melissa Collier 1184044
Angela Comer 486536
Aisha Diop 1203904
Amber Dugas 1767327
Lauren Ehrhart 1400936
Jennifer Fontenot 671668
Travis Furs 681144
Tracy Garcie 1046984
Jordan Girouard 671671
Danielle Gossen 1065698
Heidi Governale 671645
Mary Green 1046982
Pam Guidry 671674
Melissa Hebert 1765082
Alisha Hobbs 1745885
April Hudlow 660763
Vicki Hurley 1671437
Danielle James 1102846
Wendy Jones 616829
Debra Kasperski 660717
Carlee Kennedy 1512277
Jennifer Lavender 594021
Bridget Lavergne 981777
Lisa Lee 686038
Vanessa Leone 1860568
Taquesha Lewis 1512506
Ruth Lyrse 1046983
Sylvia Madison 1118107
Delanna Mallery 1428599
Rebecca Martin 1159745
Solomon Martin 835709
Oscar Medina 1745884
Karen Melancon 718085
Greg Naquin 500925
Ariel Nedie 1247328
Laurisa Nugier 878086
Angela Olivier 1410201
Debbie Onellion 1620877
Arleen Oubre 1034875
Danielle Parfait 1604247
Rebecca Perez 1860860
Amanda Quebedeaux 671706
Cassandra Remedies 835710
Maria Richardson 1875515
Racquel Robbins 1576671
Janice Savoie 922101
Cheryl Sepulvado 1286623
Sherhonda Smith 684683
Michael Stewart 541015
Jade Stutts 1288566
Adria Theriot 1084757
Karen Thomason 830202
Judy Trammell 1311033
William Van Eman 1439186
Mark Wallace 1535729
Linda Webb 1178743
Denise Weisiger 1747386
Tabitha White 1017469