Our Story

The History and Values of MidSouth Bank 

The best of both worlds. It’s what few – if any – banks can say they offer. But it is what MidSouth Bank embodies: high-touch service from friendly faces, many who have been associated with the bank for decades, along with all of the tools necessary to help you achieve your financial dreams - whether personal or business. 

We want you to expect a lot of us, because we expect a lot of ourselves. Our philosophy is simple: We stick to the ethical principles of responsible banking. And that’s why you can always trust us.


Opening “The Hut” 

In 1985 we opened our doors on Pinhook Road in Lafayette, Louisiana. This location, affectionately known as “The Hut,” had no drive-through teller windows and no teller counters inside. All business was conducted at a desk, with the entire operation run out of this 3,000-square-foot facility. 

First Louisiana Hut MidSouth Bank location in Lafayette "The Hut"
First location of MidSouth Bank


It could be argued that our timing was off. The oil and gas industry, the region’s primary economic driver, collapsed in the mid-1980s, sending the unemployment rate to 22 percent. Companies, among them many banks, were going out of business. Not a day went by that an employee wouldn’t ask management: “Are we going to make it?” 

We made it. Just two years after our founding, MidSouth Bank was well capitalized enough to acquire one of those failing banks. The comment from one employee of the acquired bank, upon seeing “The Hut” for the first time: “You mean y’all bought us?


Responsible Banking 

Understanding our Customers 

As a community bank, we have always played by the rules and regulations set forth to safeguard our customers, the industry and the economy. MidSouth Bank was built on a basic fundamental: We make it our business to understand our customers’ business. To do that, we attract and retain high quality employees. Strategically integrating the talents of existing staff with the diverse experience of new hires helps us stay close to our customers while exploring ways to realign our products and services based on current and potential customers’ priorities. 

The vision of MidSouth Bank is to exceed the expectations of every customer, every day, by providing high-quality service. MidSouth Bank will be the strong, growing bank of choice in all our communities.


Fast forward six short years and MidSouth Bank becomes one of the smallest banks ever to go public. At the end of 2010, we close our books with $1 billion in assets. Again strong enough and keen enough to recognize opportunities exist in an economic downturn, we complete several mergers during the Great Recession, earning recognition from a NYSE executive as “one of the fastest growing community banks in the South.” 

Approaching over $2 billion in assets, locations across Louisiana and Texas, and a strong stock trading on the NYSE (MSL), we remain focused and determined in our mission.


Mission, Vision & MidSouth Values