Fraud & Security Alerts


January 23, 2017


Text Message Smishing Scam


There is currently a smishing scam going around to consumers with cellphones. The text messages state "Debit Card Alert", followed by a card number and then provides a number to for you to call.

DO NOT call or text the number back or provide any of your personal information to them. This 100% a scam and is a fraud attempt.

Always be suspicious of unknown text messages stating there is something wrong with your debit cards or account, especially if the text is asking for your personal information in return to fix the issue. 

This situation requires that everyone take extra precautions regarding security of your accounts. You are our first line of defense; please take this responsibility seriously.

If you inadvertently responded to a smishing text and you believe your account may be compromised call our MidSouth Bank Customer Care Center immediately at 1-800-213-BANK (2265) or visit one of or convenient locations Click Here.