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Fraud & Security Alerts


November 30, 2015 11:00 am


Email Phishing Scam

Another new phishing email scam has been reported. Cybercriminals are attempting to convince victims to install malicious software or provide personal information under false pretenses. Most are disguised as a legitimate company - they may email you, call you, or pop up on a website.

Emails are being blindly sent to thousands, if not millions of recipients. By spamming large groups of people, the "phisher" hopes the email is read by a percentage who have a relationship with the legitimate company being spoofed. 


Below is a sample of this latest scam:      



The following are tips to protect yourself:

  1. Always be suspicious of embedded documents or links.
  2. If you are not expecting this, question whether you should open or click on it before checking with the sender or sending party to verify the source. (This particular “document” is actually a hyperlink and will take you to a malicious page.  The page looks like an Adobe login page and asks for your email address and password.)
  3.  Always question any email or communication asking you to provide account information. If you are not sure then call the source to confirm.
  4.  Do not use your network login credentials on external sites.


Our current national and world situation requires that everyone take extra precautions regarding security. You are our first line of defense; please take this responsibility seriously.

If you inadvertently responded to or opened a message and you believe your account may be compromised you should call our MidSouth Bank Customer Care Center at 1-800-213-BANK (2265) or visit one of the bank locations Click Here.